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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I signup for Gold Membership
Q. How can I cancel my Gold Membership
A.   You may cancel at any time by sending email to: cancel@visionarygallery.com
Q. Why can I only have one picture?
A.   You may have as many pictures as you want, but you may only add one at a time. Each time you do, you will get an additional area to add your next picture.
Q. How do I upload new files?
A.   The first time you log in, you must submit your information once before you can upload any pictures. Once you have done that, the upload and delete options will appear as well as a list of images you have uploaded.
Q. How do I delete a file?
A.   If you have one or more files uploaded, you may delete them by logging in and clicking on the delete link. Then check the box next to any image you wish to delete, enter your password and click the Delete button.
Q. Can I hide a picture without deleting all the information?
A.   Yes, next to the Picture numbers is a checkbox labeled Hide. Check this box and click Submit to store the image's information without displaying it on your personal gallery page.
Q. I can't log in.
A.   That's not a question!
Q. OK, Why can't I log in?
A.   Check to be sure your username and password are correct. If you have never logged in before and wish to create a loft for yourself, you must enter a username and password of your choosing, check the New User box, and click Submit. Your username and password should both be a single word containing letters or numbers. Usernames are converted to all lowercase automatically. Passwords ARE case sensitive!

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